By Anarkia333 |

This book presents the most recent advances on the mechanics of soft and composite shells and their nonlinear vibrations and stability, including advanced problems of modeling human vessels (aorta) with fluid-structure interaction.

It guides the reader into nonlinear modelling of shell structures in applications where advanced composite and complex biological materials must be described with great accuracy. To achieve this goal, the book presents nonlinear shell theories, nonlinear vibrations, buckling, composite and functionally graded materials, hyperelasticity, viscoelasticity, nonlinear damping, rubber and soft biological materials.

Advanced nonlinear shell theories, not available in any other book, are fully derived in a simple notation and are ready to be implemented in numerical codes. The work features a blend of the most advanced theory and experimental results, and is a valuable resource for researchers, professionals and graduate students, especially those interested in mechanics, aeronautics, civil structures, materials, bioengineering and solid matter at different scales.