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Composite materials are formed when the combination of separate materials acquire new properties distinct from its components. They have a range of applications in fields such as mechanical and electrical engineering, food science and biomedicine and represent a fast-growing area of research.

 Composite Materials: Applications in Engineering, Biomedicine and Food Science provides an overview of current technologies and applications related to composite materials in these fields. Organized by discipline, the text encompasses a wide variety of composite materials, including polymer, ceramic, biomaterial, hydroxyapatite, nanofiber and green composites. Early chapters detail the enhanced mechanical, magnetic, dielectric properties of electrical and thermal conductive composite materials, which are essential in daily science. Subsequent chapters focus on filler or reinforcement materials, including carbon materials, hybrid materials and nanomaterials. Particular emphasis is placed on nanocomposite materials, as these have increasingly diverse field applications. Various manufacturing methods, such as the synthesis method and top-down/bottom-up manufacturing, are also discussed. Coverage of the recent progress, challenges and opportunities surrounding composite materials make this text a one-stop reference for engineers, scientists and researchers working in this exciting field.