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My intention was to create a collection of CATIA macros to help users to reuse code already done and implemented and to show to beginners in automation how they can approach to different problems.

For this version, I choose not to have an yellow area for the code, due to the fact that it can be errors in the text formatting inside html code and also because I prefer to see the code like in vbs editors, with colors for different definitions. Beside this, programmers prefer text editors like Notepad++ or Scite, which can allow them to see more  clear the code if you done your own customizations for this editors.

So, by simply right click on the page, select all and copy to clipboard the code which can be pasted in your favorite text editor (I also included my own customization for Scite, which I prefer in front of Notepad++ , due to export mode in html of the text - for me it seems to be more correct and useful for future purposes like creation of this file).

You can also copy and paste the code in a CATScript or catvba, just clicking on the button bellow the yellow area (if is existing).

If you notice something wrong with the code or how is copied in the clipboard (how the text is format), please let me know to improve this help file (you can send me a PM in CATIA forums or an e-mail, I'm sure you can find it very easy). Notice that not all codes were tested. Also, if you would like to share some other codes with us, you can contact me to add them in this help file (reusing code is the fastest way to solve problems).

Thanks to CATIA masters like itsmyjob, catiajim, solid7, jstrawn, clifjohnson, nevjohnson, xklein, behnke, peterguy,  skwok, dfiorucci, el_juanri, JeNdarK, fenua73, marc54, quanwen and not to forget my Romanian CATIA coleagues gvi70000, calin_i, kimmot (hope I remembered all of them). Some of the codes presented here are inspired by their work or their advices and some others are in fact their codes published in different CATIA forums.

Great thanks also to mberry and catiafidelity, both of them for their complete explanations and contributions in CATIA forums (probably I will create in the next version of this file a special chapter with their posts, but there are so many , it will be really hard to "chase" them in forums :-)  , hope I will have time) .

Special thanks to Mr. Dieter R. Ziethen - the author of  the book "CATIA V5 - Makroprogrammierung mit Visual Basic Script " - a great book to start learn about programming in CATIA with Visual Basic, which allows me to insert in this help file some of his macro examples (you can see more here )

Also thanks to my coleagues from GECI Engineering Services Bucharest (especially florinel and stefanbc) who shows me how to solve different tasks and guide my first steps in CATIA, VBA and CATIA programming .