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This volume provides new and expanded coverage on the metallurgy, processing, fabrication, properties, and performance of aluminum alloys. It is the companion volume of ASM Handbook, Volume 2A: Aluminum Science and Technology, released in 2018. The aluminum alloy datasheets are designed for easy look up with details on key alloy metallurgy, processing effects on properties, and fabrication characteristics. In addition, outreach was done to identify and collect information on new alloy developments.


Properties of Aluminum Alloys
- Significance of Mechanical Properties in Design and Application
- Aluminum Structural Design
- Fracture Resistance of Aluminum Alloys
- Fatigue of Aluminum Alloys
- Stress-Corrosion Cracking of Aluminum Alloy
- Corrosion of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys
- Friction and Wear of Aluminum Alloys and Composites

Wrought Aluminum Alloys
- A History of Wrought Aluminum Alloys and Applications
- Properties and Applications of Wrought Aluminum Alloys

Cast Aluminum Alloys
- Properties and Selection of Cast Aluminum Alloys

- Aluminum Alloy Temper Designations and Definitions
- Aluminum Filler Metal Selection Charts
- Nominal Compositions and Composition Limits for Wrought Aluminum Alloys
- Nominal Compositions and Composition Limits for Aluminum Casting Alloys
- Typical Room Temperature Physical Properties of Wrought Aluminum Alloys