By Anarkia333 |

ASM International presents a volume in the ASM Handbook series developed to address the current and rapidly expanding importance of additive manufacturing (AM). ASM Handbook, Volume 24: Additive Manufacturing Processes provides the latest knowledge in materials, processes, and applications of AM, written by the leading experts in research and industry. 

ASM Handbook, Volume 24: Additive Manufacturing Processes begins with an introduction and history of AM, authored by some of the key participants in that history as they trace the evolution of AM. The complete suite of materials and processes for polymers and ceramics are described in detail in the next two divisions. A division on metal AM processes begins with an in-depth description of the production and characterization of metal powders, which has a big effect on the success or failure of metal AM processes. 

The book describes AM processing of a wide variety of materials, illustrating differences in characteristics of metal alloys produced by AM processes in contrast to conventional processes. Volume 24 also covers direct-write processes, which take advantage of AM processes to combine materials and devices for multifunctional engineering applications.