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Hymme d'Enheduanna à la louange d'Inanna.

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A hymn to Inana (Inana C)


1-10. The great-hearted mistress, the impetuous lady, proud among the Anuna gods and pre-eminent in all lands, the great daughter of Suen, exalted among the Great Princes (a name of the Igigi gods) , the magnificent lady who gathers up the divine powers of heaven and earth and rivals great An, is mightiest among the great gods -- she makes their verdicts final. The Anuna gods crawl before her august word whose course she does not let An know; he dare not proceed against her command. She changes her own action, and no one knows how it will occur. She makes perfect the great divine powers, she holds a shepherd's crook, and she is their magnificent pre-eminent one. She is a huge shackle clamping down upon the gods of the Land. Her great awesomeness covers the great mountain and levels the roads.

11-17. At her loud cries, the gods of the Land become scared. Her roaring makes the Anuna gods tremble like a solitary reed. At her rumbling, they hide all together. Without Inana great An makes no decisions, and Enlil determines no destinies. Who opposes the mistress who raises her head and is supreme over the mountains? Wherever she ......, cities become ruin mounds and haunted places, and shrines become waste land. When her wrath makes people tremble, the burning sensation and the distress she causes are like an ulu demon ensnaring a man.

18-28. She stirs confusion and chaos against those who are disobedient to her, speeding carnage and inciting the devastating flood, clothed in terrifying radiance. It is her game to speed conflict and battle, untiring, strapping on her sandals. Clothed (?) in a furious storm, a whirlwind, she ...... the garment of ladyship. When she touches ...... there is despair, a south wind which has covered ....... Inana sits on harnessed (?) lions, she cuts to pieces him who shows no respect. A leopard of the hills, entering (?) the roads, raging (?), ......, the mistress is a great bull trusting in its strength; no one dare turn against her. ......, the foremost among the Great Princes, a pitfall for the disobedient, a trap for the evil, a ...... for the hostile, wherever she casts her venom .......

29-38. Her wrath is ......, a devastating flood which no one can withstand. A great watercourse, ......, she abases those whom she despises. The mistress, an eagle that lets no one escape, ......, Inana, a falcon preying on the gods, Inana rips to pieces the spacious cattle-pens. The fields of the city which Inana has looked at in anger ....... The furrows of the field which the mistress ...... grass. An opposes her, ....... Setting on fire, in the high plain the mistress ....... Inana ....... The mistress ...... speeding ...... fighting, ...... conflict.

39-48. ...... she performs a song. This song ...... its established plan, weeping, the food and milk of death. Whoever eats ...... Inana's food and milk of death will not last. Gall will give a burning pain to those she gives it to eat, ...... in their mouth ....... In her joyful heart she performs the song of death on the plain. She performs the song of her heart. She washes their weapons with blood and gore, ....... Axes smash heads, spears penetrate and maces are covered in blood. Their evil mouths ...... the warriors ....... On their first offerings she pours blood, filling them with death.

49-59. On the wide and silent plain, darkening the bright daylight, she turns midday into darkness. People look upon each other in anger, they look for combat. Their shouting disturbs the plain, it weighs on the pasture and the waste land. Her howling is like Ickur's and makes the flesh of all the lands tremble. No one can oppose her murderous battle -- who rivals her? No one can look at her fierce fighting, the speeding carnage. Engulfing (?) water, raging, sweeping over the earth, she leaves nothing behind. The mistress, a breaking plough opening hard ground, ....... The braggarts do not lift their necks, ....... Her great heart performs her bidding, the mistress who alone fashions (?) ....... Exalted in the assembly, she occupies the seat of honour, ...... to the right and left.

60-72. Humbling huge mountains as if they were piles of litter, she immobilises ....... She brings about the destruction of the mountain lands from east to west. Inana ...... wall ...... gulgul stones, she obtains victory. She ...... the kalaga stone ...... as if it were an earthenware bowl, she makes it like sheep's fat. The proud mistress holds a dagger in her hand, a radiance which covers the Land; her suspended net catches fish in the deep, not even leaving the ahan in the subterranean waters. As if she were a clever fowler no bird escapes the mesh of her suspended net. The place ......, ...... the divine plans of heaven and earth. The intention of her word does not ...... to An. The context of her confusing advice in the great gods' assembly is not known. 
2 lines fragmentary

73-79. The mistress, a leopard among the Anuna gods, full of pride, has been given authority. Not having ...... struggle ......, Inana ....... She ...... the adolescent girl in her chamber, receiving her, ...... heart ...... charms. She evilly ...... the woman she rejects. In the entire (?) country she ....... She lets her run around in the town square ....... ...... of a house the wife sees her child.

80-90. When she had removed the great punishment from her body, she invoked blessings upon it; she caused it to be named the pilipili. She broke the spear and as if she were a man ...... gave her a weapon. When she had ...... punishment, it is not ....... She ...... the door of the house of wisdom, she makes known its interior. Those who do not respect her suspended net do not escape ...... when she suspends the meshes of her net. The man she has called by name she does not hold in esteem. Having approached the woman, she breaks the weapon and gives her a spear. The male jicgisajkec, the nisub and the female jicgi ritual officiants, after having ...... punishment, moaning ....... The ecstatic, the transformed pilipili, the kurjara and the sajursaj ....... Lament and song ....... They exhaust themselves with weeping and grief, they ...... laments.

91-98. Weeping daily your heart does not ....... 'Alas' ...... heart ...... knows no relaxation. Beloved lady of holy An, your ...... in weeping ....... In heaven ....... On your breast ....... You alone are majestic, you have renown, heaven and earth ...... not ....... You rival An and Enlil, you occupy their seat of honour. You are pre-eminent in the cult places, you are magnificent in your course.

99-108. Ezina ...... august dais ....... Ickur who roars from the sky ....... His thick clouds ....... When ...... the great divine powers of heaven and earth, Inana, your victory is terrifying ....... The Anuna gods bow down in prostration, they abase themselves. You ride on seven great beasts as you come forth from heaven. Great An feared your precinct and was frightened of your dwelling-place. He let you take a seat in the dwelling-place of great An and then feared you no more, saying: "I will hand over to you the august royal rites and the great divine rites."

109-114. The great gods kissed the earth and prostrated themselves. The high mountain land, the land of cornelian and lapis lazuli, bowed down before you, but Ebih did not bow down before you and did not greet you. Shattering it in your anger, as desired, you smashed it like a storm. Lady, pre-eminent through the power of An and Enlil, ....... Without you no destiny at all is determined, no clever counsel is granted favour.

115-131. To run, to escape, to quiet and to pacify are yours, Inana. To rove around, to rush, to rise up, to fall down and to ...... a companion are yours, Inana. To open up roads and paths, a place of peace for the journey, a companion for the weak, are yours, Inana. To keep paths and ways in good order, to shatter earth and to make it firm are yours, Inana. To destroy, to build up, to tear out and to settle are yours, Inana. To turn a man into a woman and a woman into a man are yours, Inana. Desirability and arousal, bringing goods into existence and establishing properties and equipment are yours, Inana. Profit, gain, great wealth and greater wealth are yours, Inana. Profit and having success in wealth, financial loss and reduced wealth are yours, Inana. {Observation} {(1 ms. has instead:) Everything}, choice, offering, inspection and embellishment are yours, Inana. Assigning virility, dignity, guardian angels, protective deities and cult centres are yours, Inana. 
6 lines fragmentary

132-154. ...... mercy and pity are yours, Inana. ...... are yours, Inana. To cause the ...... heart to tremble, ...... illnesses are yours, Inana. To have a favourite wife, ......, to love ...... are yours, Inana. Rejoicing, being haughty, ...... are yours, Inana. Neglect and care, raising and bowing down are yours, Inana. To build a house, to create a woman's chamber, to possess implements, to kiss a child's lips are yours, Inana. To run, to race, to plot and to succeed are yours, Inana. To interchange the brute and the strong and the weak and the powerless is yours, Inana. To interchange the heights and valleys, and raising up and reducing, is yours, Inana. To give the crown, the throne and the royal sceptre is yours, Inana. 
12 lines missing

155-157. To diminish, to make great, to make low, to make broad, to ...... and to give a lavish supply are yours, Inana. To bestow the divine and royal rites, to carry out the appropriate instructions, slander, untruthful words, abuse, to speak inimically and to overstate are yours, Inana.

158-168. The false or true response, the sneer, to commit violence, to extend derision, to speak with hostility, to cause smiling and to be humbled or important, misfortune, hardship, grief, to make happy, to clarify and to darken, agitation, terror, panic, awesome brilliance and radiance, triumph, pursuit, imbasur illness, sleeplessness and restlessness, submission, gift, ...... and howling, strife, chaos, opposition, fighting and speeding carnage, ......, to know everything, to strengthen for the distant future a nest built ......, to instill fear in the ...... desert like a ...... poisonous snake, to subdue the hostile enemy, ...... and to hate ...... are yours, Inana.

169-173. To ...... the lots ......, to gather the dispersed people and restore them to their homes, to receive ......, to ...... are yours, Inana. 
1 line fragmentary

174-181. ...... the runners, when you open your mouth, ...... turns into ....... At your glance a deaf man does not ...... to one who can hear. At your anger what is bright darkens; you turn midday into darkness. When the time had come you destroyed the place you had in your thoughts, you made the place tremble. Nothing can be compared to your purposes (?); who can oppose your great deeds? You are the lady of heaven and earth! Inana, in (?) the palace the unbribable judge, among the numerous people ...... decisions. The invocation of your name fills the mountains, An (?) cannot compete with your .......

182-196. Your understanding ...... all the gods ....... You alone are magnificent. You are the great cow among the gods of heaven and earth, as many as there are. When you raise your eyes they pay heed to you, they wait for your word. The Anuna gods stand praying in the place where you dwell. Great awesomeness, glory ....... May your praise not cease! Where is your name not magnificent? 
9 lines missing

197-202. Your song is grief, lament ....... Your ...... cannot be changed, your anger is crushing. Your creation cannot be ......, An has not diminished your ...... orders. Woman, with the help of An and Enlil you (?) have granted ...... as a gift in the assembly. Unison ...... An and Enlil ......, giving the Land into your hand. An does not answer the word you have uttered to him.

203-208. Once you have said 'So be it', great An does not ...... for him. Your 'So be it' is a 'So be it' of destruction, to destroy ....... Once you have said your ...... in the assembly, An and Enlil will not disperse it. Once you have made a decision ......, it cannot be changed in heaven and earth. Once you have specified approval of a place, it experiences no destruction. Once you have specified destruction for a place, it experiences no approval.

209-218. Your divinity shines in the pure heavens like Nanna or Utu. Your torch lights up the corners of heaven, turning darkness into light. The men and women form a row for you and each one's daily status hangs down before you. Your numerous people pass before you, as before Utu, for their inspection. No one can lay a hand on your precious divine powers; all your divine powers ....... You exercise full ladyship over heaven and earth; you hold everything in your hand. Mistress, you are magnificent, no one can walk before you. You dwell with great An in the holy resting-place. Which god is like you in gathering together ...... in heaven and earth? You are magnificent, your name is praised, you alone are magnificent!

219-242. I am En-hedu-ana, the high priestess of the moon god. ......; I am the ...... of Nanna. 
1 line fragmentary 
20 lines missing
1 line fragmentary

243-253. Advice ......, grief, bitterness ......, 'alas' ....... My lady, ...... mercy ...... compassion ...... I am yours! This will always be so! May your heart be soothed towards me! May your understanding ...... compassion. May ...... in front of you, may it be my offering. Your divinity is resplendent in the Land! My body has experienced your great punishment. Bitter lament keeps me awake with ...... anxiety. Mercy, compassion, care, lenience and homage are yours, and to cause flood storms, to open hard ground and to turn darkness into light.

254-263. My lady, let me proclaim your magnificence in all lands, and your glory! Let me praise your ways and greatness! Who rivals you in divinity? Who can compare with your divine rites? May great An, whom you love, say for you "It is enough!". May the great gods calm your mood. May the lapis lazuli dais, fit for ladyship, ....... May your magnificent dwelling place say to you: "Be seated". May your pure bed say to you: "Relax". Your ......, where Utu rises, .......

264-271. They proclaim your magnificence; you are the lady ....... An and Enlil have determined a great destiny for you throughout the entire universe. They have bestowed upon you ladyship in the assembly chamber. Being fitted for ladyship, you determine the destiny of noble ladies. Mistress, you are magnificent, you are great! Inana, you are magnificent, you are great! My lady, your magnificence is resplendent. May your heart be restored for my sake!

272-274. Your great deeds are unparallelled, your magnificence is praised! Young woman, Inana, your praise is sweet!


Copyright © Black, J.A., Cunningham, G., Fluckiger-Hawker, E, Robson, E., and Zólyomi, G., The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature (, Oxford 1998

Texte Sumérien

A hymn to Inana (Inana C)


1.    in-nin cag4 gur4-ra erec u3-na giri17-zal da-nun-na-[ke4-ne] (Cited in OB catalogue in the Louvre, 0.2.02, line 40; OB catalogue at Andrews University, 0.2.11, line 1)
2.    zag dib kur-kur-ra dumu gal dsuen-na mah-[di nun-gal-e-ne]
3.    erec nam-mah me an ki ur4-ur4 an gal-da zag ca4
4.    dijir gal-gal-e-ne a2-jal2-bi-im e-ne [gi] til-le-be2-ne
5.    inim mah-a-ni-ce3 da-nun-na-ke4-ne kucum4 ki mu-un-tag-ge-ne
6.    in-di3-bi an nu-zu-zu a2 aj2-ja2-ni-ce3 nu-la2
7.    nij2 ak-ak-da-ni ab-ci-kur2-ru jar-bi nij2 nu-zu
8.    me gal-gal cu du7 cibir ba-e-dab5-be2 saj-kal mah-be2-ne
9.    dijir kalam-ma-ke4 jicrab3 gal-bi cu im-ri-[...]
10.    ni2 gal-a-ni hur-saj gal dul-lu kaskal mu-un-sig9-sig9-ge
11.    za-pa-aj2 dugud-da-ni-ce3 dijir kalam-ma-ke4 ni2 am3-ma-ur4-ru-ne
12.    mur ca4-a-ni da-nun-na gi dili-gin7 saj mu-da-ab-sag3-sag3-ge-ne
13.    dum-dam za-ni-ce3 kilib3-ba-bi a2-ur2 mu-un-dab5-be2-e-ne
14.    dinana e-ne-da nu-me-a an gal ka-ac nu-um-bar den-lil2 nam nu-un-tar
15.    in-nin saj il2 kur-ra ab-dirig a-ba saj mu-un-ja2-ja2
16.    ki ib2-[...]-ni-ce3 iriki du6-du6-da e2 lil2-la2-[ce3] uzug e2-ri-a-ce3 i3-jal2
17.    urgu2-ni u3-dub2 su tab2-e su-mu-ug-ga-[ni] u18-lu lu2-ra ec2 la2
18.    suh3 igi suh3-suh3-suh3 mu-un-sar-re uj3 lu2 nu-ce-ga-ni-ir
19.    jic-jic-la2 sul-sul mar-uru5 hub2 sar-sar-re su-lim huc gu2 e3
20.    e-ne di-bi cen-cen me3 hub2 sar ak-de3 nu-kuc2-u3 jiri3-ni kuce-sir2 si-ni
21.    /ud\ huc da-da-ec UR tum9dalhamun5 tug2pala3 i3-dar-dar-/re\
22.    /nij2?\ tag-ga-ni ga-ba-ra-hum tum9u18-lu X saj kece2 NI X sud?-sud
23.    dinana pirij gi-il-gi-il-la dur2-ru ni2 nu-zu TAR-TAR
24.    nemurx(PIRIJ.TUR) hur-saj-ja2 har-ra-an ku4-ku4 guruc3 bur2 A X X X
25.    in-nin am gal ne3 nir-jal2-ni na-me gaba nu-[X]-/tu\-lu
26.    [X] saj-kal nun-gal-e-ne pu2 nij2-/huc\ nu-ce-ga
27.    jices2-ad lu2 erim2-jal2 X X lu2-kur2-ra
28.    ki uc11 cub-ba-ni ud-da-am3 u3 ba?-ra-ah? ki-in-/du\ bi2-in-UD
29.    lipic bal-a-ni nij2 LAGAR-e mar-uru5 cu nu-ru-gu2
30.    cita3 mah nij2 kur2 SI lu2 DI [X] lu2 gu2 du3-a gam-gam
31.    in-nin hu-ri2-inmucen lu2 cu nu-bar-re PA BI kur X-dam
32.    dinana sur2-du3mucen dijir-re-e-ne tur3 dajal dinana TAR-TAR
33.    iri dinana saj-ki ba-gid2-i a-cag4-bi /in\-[...]
34.    a-cag4 in-nin-e X NE [...] ab-sin2-bi u2 [...]
35.    an e-ne-ra saj mu-un-ja2-[ja2 ...] nij2-na nu-mu-un-[...]
36.    izi ra an-edin-na in-nin UC X [...]
37.    dinana X [...]
38.    in-nin AN [...] X GU? erin2-huc X sul-sul cen-cen X X X
39.    MURUB2-ta [...] X X KA? RA? cir3 mu-un-ja2-ja2
40.    [cir3-bi] jic-hur jar-bi-a MUNUS? A BI A NI er2 u2 ga nam-uc2-a
41.    dinana [IM X] u2 ga nam-uc2-a lu2 gu7-bi nu-til-le
42.    lu2 nij2 gu7-gu7-da-ni ze2 mu-un-tab2-tab2-be2 in JAR ka-bi-a mu-un-X X X
43.    cag4 hul2-la-ka-ni cir3 nam-uc2-a edin-na mu-un-ja2-ja2
44.    cir3 cag4-ga-ni ja2-ja2-da-ni
45.    jictukul-bi uc2 lugud mu-un-tu5-tu5 cag4 DU? HI? IM? X-ac
46.    uruddur10-al-lub saj mu-un-da-sag3-ge-/ne\ jiccukur gu7-gu7 jic/tukul\ za-ha-da uc2? im-/me-re-dul9-dul9-lu\
47.    ka hul-bi NE-NE ur-saj X X [X X] X X X
48.    nesaj-bi-a uc2 in-ga-an-de2-de2 nam-uc2-a su3-/su3\
49.    edin dajal sig-ga ud zalag ku10-ku10 an-bar7 mul-sig7-ce3 mu-un-du3-X
50.    lu2-u3 lu2-ra igi mu-un-suh-re inbir igi bi2-in-du8-ru
51.    gu3 ri-a-ta edin-ta lu3-lu3 cag4-tum2 cag4-sig-ga ja2-ja2
52.    ceg11 gi4-a-ni dickur-gin7 su kur-kur dub2-dub2-bu
53.    me3 er9 ra-a-ni cu nu-ru-gu2-da a-ba-a mu-na-ab-sig10-ge
54.    cen-cen er9-a-ni igi nu-bar-re jic-jic-la2 /sul-sul\
55.    a ur4-ra sumur DU ki-a ur4-ur4 nij2-nam nu-da13-da13
56.    in-nin9 jictug2-saga11 KI.KAL jal2 da13-da13 bar-re /KA\ X TAR
57.    lu2 ka tar-ra-bi gu2-bi nu-zi-zi jiri3? X X
58.    cag4 gur4-ra-ni dim2-dim2-ma-ni ab-ak in-nin 1(AC)-a-ni [X] /dim2?\
59.    mah-di unken-/na\ zag gal ba-e-dur2-ru zid-da gab2-bu BAD
60.    hur-saj gal an-ba-gin7 pe-el-la2 cu X X mu-la2
61.    bir kur-ra ud e3-ta ud /cu2\-uc [...] X X tum2-tum2-mu
62.    dinana bad3 na4gul-/gul\ [...] X u3-ma sa2 di
63.    na4kalag-ga utul2-gin7 /MU?\ [X] X RA i3-udu-gin7 mu-ni-in-du3-e
64.    in-nin giri17-zal jiri2-ur3-ra cu jal2-le su-lim kalam-ma dul-lu
65.    sa la2-a-ni engur-ra ku6 ab-dab5-dab5-be2 a-sur-ra-kam a-ha-an nu-da13-da13
66.    mucen-du3 kug-zu-gin7 igi-te-en sa la2-a-ni mucen nu-e3
67.    ki HAR-ra-ni sukud nu-X [X] X inim si nu-sa2
68.    IR IM RI-RI TUG2 jic-hur an ki
69.    sig10-ge5 /ak\ inim-ma-ni an nu-mu-na-HAR
70.    jalga /suh3 pu\-uh3-ru-um dijir gal-gal-e-ne jar-bi nij2 nu-zu
71.    cu dili ZI? an-na /cu\ [...]-a ha-za
72.    MUC3 AN /AB?\ X NAM X SUM [X X] X LA AN nu-X [X]
73.    in-nin nemurx(PIRIJ.TUR) da-nun-<na>-ke4-ne gaba til nir cum2-ma
74.    BIL2 TAB inbir X-ja2 nu-tuku dinana mu-ja2-ja2 lu2 mu-X
75.    ki-sikil tur ama5-na HA X [X] X X cu tej3-je26 cag4 la-la [X X]
76.    munus zag tag-ga-ni hul-bi bi2-in-/KA?\ [...]
77.    NIJIN kalam-ma-ka TUM gal mu-na-RU?-/uc\ [...]
78.    tilla2-a cu al-dag-dag-ge X [...]
79.    zi-in-BU e2-a dam dumu-ni igi bi2-in-/du8\
80.    cer7-da gu-la-ni su-ni-ta u3-mu-e-ni-in-jar
81.    ugu-ba giri17 cu jal2-la mu-ni-in-ak pi-li-pi-li mu-ni-in-sa4
82.    jiccukur i-ni-kud nitah-gin7 cag4-ga-ni jictukul an-na-ab-cum2-mu
83.    KAL cul-a-lum u3-mu-ni-in-ak tec2-bi NI TE A me-bi? la-ba-jal2-la
84.    e2 nam-kug-zu jicig-bi TAR mi-ni-in-ak cag4-bi mu-un-zu-zu
85.    sa la2-ni-ir ni2 nu-zu-ni-ir igi-te-en sa la2-a-ni [X X] X-ba nu-e3
86.    lu2 mu pad3-da-ni nu-mu-na-kal-la munus-ra u3-mu-na-te jictukul i-ni-in-kud jiccukur an-na-ab-cum2-mu
87.    lu2-jic-gi-saj-kece2 ni2-su-ub munus-jic-gi cul-a-lum u3-mu-ni-in-ak ce ca4 UD [...]
88.    lu2-al-ed2-de3 pi-li-pi-li bal kur-jar-ra /saj\-ur-saj-e-ne [...]
89.    i-lu cir3-ra-am3 RI? A zu? bar NE [...]
90.    er2 er2-ra bi2-ib2-kuc2-u3-ne a-nir mu-X [...]
91.    er2 ud-da cag4-zu nu-X X X X AN-da nu-DI
92.    muc3-am3 e2? cag4 NE bur2 X /ni2\ dub2-bu nu-zu
93.    nin ki aj2 an kug-ga HAR-zu igi mu-e-ni-X [(X)] X-za er2-ra X E
94.    an-na me DI X [...]
95.    gaba-za ki mu-[...]-za nu-mu-e-da-sa2
96.    dili-zu-ne mah X mu e-da!-tuku an ki nij2-za nu-sig9-ge
97.    an-da den-lil2-da mu-e-da!-sa2 zag gal-bi mu-e-dur2-ru-e?
98.    ki-cu ki-cu-pec dirig-ga-me-en in-di-za mah-me-/en\
99.    dezina2 AN X barag mah il2 X [...]
100.    dickur-re lu2 an-ta gu3 X [...]
101.    dungu sir2-sir2-ra-ni mu-e-/da\-[...]
102.    ud me gal-gal an ki-bi-da cu mu-/un\-[...]
103.    dinana u3-ma-zu huc-am3 cag4 X X X [...] X
104.    da-nun-na giri17-bi gam-e-ec giri17 ba-e-dur2-ru-ne-ec
105.    ur gal-gal 7(IMIN)-bi ba-e-u5 an-na ba-e-ed2-de3
106.    an gal-e muc3-za ni2 bi2-te ki-tuc-zu im-mi-hu-luh
107.    ki-tuc an gal-la-ke4 dur2 ba?-e?-jar su nu-mu-e-da-zi-zi
108.    jarza2 mah jarza gal-/gal\ cu-zu ga-mu-un-si
109.    dijir gal-e-ne giri17 ki-a bi2-in-su-ub-bu-uc cu-kin mu-un-dab5-be2-ec
110.    kur un3-na kur na4/gug\ na4za-gin3-na giri17 ki-ce3 mu-ra-an-te
111.    ebihki giri17 ki-ce3 nu-mu-ra-an-te cu nu-mu-ra-mu2-mu2
112.    gu3-an-ne2-si-gin7 ib2-ba si-il-la-za ud-gin7 ib2-ra-ra
113.    nin an den-lil2-da dirig-ga jiri3 X X X i-i
114.    za-e-da nu-me-a nam-nam-ma nu-un-tar sa2 galam nu-ce
115.    kac4 kar-re te-en-te-en ni2 dub2-bu-de3 dinana za-a-kam
116.    {[X] X ul4-ul4 zi-zi LAGABxX an-ta sa2-sa2-de3} {(1 ms. has, in syllabic spelling:) ur-ru-ur ul-lu-ul zi-iz-zi gu-ru-da10 an-ta si-si-te} dinana za-a-kam
117.    [har]-/ra\-an he2-en-<du> taka4 jiri3 dab ki silim-ma dili-us2 dim3-ma (pe2-te ur-hi-im u3 tu2-di-im i-me2-te-qi2-im a-car cu-ul-mi-im ta-pu-ut u2-la-li a-la-kum) dinana za-a-kam
118.    jiri3-us2 ka-jiri3 si sa2-sa2-de3 ki dar ge-en-ge-en dinana za-a-kam
119.    gul-lu dim2-me zi-zi ja2-ja2 dinana za-a-kam
120.    [nitah] munus-ra munus nitah-ra ku4-ku4-de3 dinana za-kam
121.    la-la cag4-zig3-ga nij2-cu jal2 e2? nij2-gun2 ja2-ja2 dinana za-a-kam
122.    dun sa5-bu8 kug bal kug dirig dinana za-a-[kam]
123.    kug-dun kug a2-tuku i-bi2-za kug im-ba dinana za-a-kam
124.    {igi KAR2 igi KAR2 igi kar2-kar2 igi <bar zil2>-zil2-bi} {(1 ms. has instead:) nij2-nam igi KAR2 igi kar2-kar2 igi bar ZALAG-ZALAG-biza-al-za-le-bi (ta-ak-li-im-tum ta-ki-ir-tum ta-ce-er-tum na-ap-lu-su-um u3 du-um-mu-qu2-um)} dinana za-a-kam
125.    me tec2 dalad dlamma ki-cu-pec11 zu d/inana\ [za-a-kam]
126.    cu bal ab-ak an-ta X X [...]
127.    ze2-mu-ug X X BA X [...]
128.    KA X X zag tag-/ga\ [...]
129.    DI? X [...]
130.    X [...]
131.    [... dinana] za-a-[kam]
132.    [...] X X X cag4 gur cag4 cu nijin d[inana] [za-a-kam]
133.    [...] X GUD-bi nam?-bi GABA X X X [...] dinana za-a-kam
134.    cag4? X tuku4-e im-ba-X im-ba-sur /im\-ba-X-X X dinana za-a-kam
135.    dam dam tuku UR-bi LU nij2 dug3 ki aj2-ja2 dug3? dinana za-a-kam
136.    hi-li-hi-li-a sun7-na DI-DI dinana za-a-kam
137.    gum2-gum2gu-um-gu-um jar-jar-jar (te-em-ku-u2 te-ek-nu-u2) il2 gu2 zig3 gam-gam dinana za-a-kam
138.    e2 du3-a ama5 dim2-me nij2-gun2-na tuku-tuku nundum dim3 sag9 (na-ca-qum) dinana za-kam
139.    dub3 bad dub3 kac4 [X] / ni2\ sig10-sig10-ge sa2 did-de3 dinana za-kam
140.    hu-ru kalag-ga lu2-gam-ma lu2-sig-ga hi-hi dinana za-kam
141.    il2-la2 du5-la2 saj il2-la2 ib2-ba-lal hi-hi dinana za-kam
142.    aga jicgu-za jicjidru nam-lugal cum2-mu dinana za-kam
12 lines missing
155.    tur mah sig dajal gu2 cu dajal tag-ga dinana za-a-kam
156.    jarza(source: PA) jarza2 cum2-mu a2-bi aj2-ja2 tum2-tum2-mu
157.    eme sig inim a-ca-an-ga-ra KA-e2-gal kur2 dug4-ga tah dug4-dug4 dinana za-a-kam
158.    ba-an-gi4 lul zid bi-ri-ig nij2-a2-zig3 dug4-dug4
159.    a-tar la2-la2 nij2 kur2 dug4-dug4 zu2 li2 pe-el dugud
160.    kana6 nij2-gig-ga cag4 hul gig hul (hu-du-um) zalag-ga ku10-ku10
161.    ni2-am3 ur4?-re ni2 /ul4\ ni2 /ri til3\-la ni2 gal me-lem4-ma
162.    u3-ma nij2 X X (re-du-um) im-ba-sur igi lib u3 nu-ku
163.    gu2 jar saj jar JAR BIR DA? NI ni2? ul4? gu3 til4-a
164.    du14 igi suh3-[suh3] /gaba?\-ri erin2-huc jic-jic-la2 sul-sul
165.    NI KAB naj X X X X nij2-nam-ma zu-zu
166.    gud3 X RI us2-sa X ul-le2-a-ac gen6-ne2
167.    a-ri-a X cag4-tur3-gin7 X ni2 ri-a-X /gu2\-bar /gu2\ ja2-ja2
168.    DI X X [X] hul gig X X X X-am3? kece2 X X X (X) [d]inana za-a-kam
169.    jic-cub X X X X [X X] X UB? [X] X
170.    uj3 [sag2 dug4-ga] gu2 jar-jar ki-bi-ce3 gi4-gi4
171.    [...] X cu tij4-je26 X X NE X
172.    [...]-du8-u3 dinana za-a-[kam]
173.    [...] X X AN [...]
174.    X X [...] lu2-kac4-e-ne
175.    ka ba-zu cu X X [X]-ra ba-an-kur9
176.    igi bar-ra-zu jectug2 la2 jic tuku-uc nu-ci-bad-ba9-re6
177.    igi suh-a-zu dadag-ga ku10-ku10 an-bar7 mul-sig7-ce3 mu-un-ja2-ja2
178.    ki cag4-zu ud mi-[ni]-ib-dug4-ga-ac mu-un-gul ki mu-/un\-dub2-bu nij2-zu nij2 nu-sag2
179.    nij2 gal-gal-zu a-ba saj mu-un-ja2-ja2 za-e nin an ki-me-en
180.    dinana e2-gal kadra nu-di-kud uj3 car2-ra ka ec-bar X X X
181.    mu pad3-da-zu kur-ra ab-dirig an X-za nu-mu-un-da-sa2
182.    jectug2-ga de5-a-zu nijin dijir-re-e-ne igi cub-ba MI X dili-zu-u3-de3 mah-me-en
183.    dijir an ki-a a-na me-a-bi immal2 gal-bi-me-en
184.    igi il2-la-zu lib bar mu-un-ak-e-ne inim-zu-ce3 i3-dur2-ru-ne-ec
185.    ki za til3-la-za da-nun-na al-sug2-ge-ec inim mu-un-da-sag9-sag9-ge-ne
186.    ni2 gal KA ka tar X X X X CE3 TUG2 GABA NIR mu-un-til3-le-ne
187.    ka tar si-il-la-zu ba-ra-mu-un-til-le me-a mu-zu X mah nu
9 lines missing
197.    en3-du-zu zarah a-nir X X DA cag4 X X IGI X [...]
198.    DI-DI-zu cu bal-a nu-ub-zu ib2-ba-zu zukum-ma
199.    cu dug4-ga-zu nij2 cu nu-GAN-X a2 aj2-ja2 du3-du3-a-zu an nu-mu-un-na-an-la2
200.    an-da den-lil2-da lu2 zu-a unken-na gal-gal X munus saj-e-ec mu-e-rig7
201.    ka tec2 an den-lil2 mu-e-X X GI kalam cu-zu-uc dab5 X
202.    inim bi2-in-dug4-ga-zu an nu-mu-un-na-an-gi4
203.    he2-am3 dug4-ga-zu an gal nu-[mu]-/un\-na-an-bur2
204.    he2-am3-zu he2-am3 gul-lu [X (X X)] gul-lu
205.    gi4 unken-na bi2-in-dug4-ga-/zu\ an den-lil2 nu-sag2
206.    ec-bar ab-bi bi2-in-dug4-ga-/zu\ an ki-ta nu-kur2-ru
207.    ki he2-am3 bi2-in-dug4 gul-lu nu-DI
208.    ki gul-la bi2-in-dug4 he2-am3 nu-DI
209.    nam-dijir-zu dnanna dutu-gin7 an kug-ge dalla e3
210.    izi-jar-zu ub an-na zalag-ge ku10-ku10 zalag-ge-ec2 jar
211.    nitah munus-bi gu dili-/a\ mi-ri-ed2-de3 nij2 ud-da-ka-ni /igi\-zu-ce3 bi2-ib2-ta-la2
212.    /uj3\ car2-ra-zu kurum7 ak-da-bi dutu-gin7 igi-zu-ce3 i3-dib-be2
213.    me kal-kal-la-za cu nu-tu-tu me kilib3 X X-ce3 i3-dib-be2
214.    an ki til-bi-ce3 nam-nin-bi mu-e-ak nij2-nam cu mu-e-du8
215.    in-nin za-e mah-me-en igi-zu-ce3 na-me nu-dib-be2
216.    an gal-da [ki]-nu2 kug-ga mu-e-til
217.    dijir a-ba za-gin7 ur4 an ki ur4-ur4
218.    za-e mah-me-en mu-zu ar2-re-ec e dili-zu-ne mah-me-en
219.    en-he2-du7-an-na-me-<en> zirru
220.    DIC X [...] X dnanna-me-en
221.    X X [...]
20 lines missing
242.    X [...]
243.    jalga [...]
244.    cag4 hul gig nij2-gig-ga X [...] muc3-am3 mu-[...]
245.    nin-ju10 ud en-nam arhuc JA2 [...] cag4-ne-ca4 X X X X
246.    je26-e za-kam ne-e a-na-am3 i3-til-le cag4-zu ha-ma-sed-de3
247.    jectug2-ga de5-a-zu cag4-ne-ca4 mu-[...]
248.    igi-zu-ce3 he2-bi2-ib-X X igi kar2-kar2-ju10 he2-jal2
249.    nam-dijir-zu kalam-e pa bi2-a-e3
250.    cer7-da gu-la-zu su-ju10 ba-e-zu-zu
251.    a-nir nij2 gig-ga igi ma-lib la-ra-ah si-il-am3-ta
252.    arhuc cag4-ne-ca4 igi bar-bar cag4 gur-ru giri17 cu jal2 za-a-kam
253.    ud a ra-ah KI.KAL jal2 da13-da13 ku10-ku10 zalag-ge-ec jar
254.    nin-ju10 nam-mah-zu kur-kur-ra ka tar-zu ga-si-il
255.    a-ra2 nam-gur4-ra-zu me-tec2 hu-mu-i-i
256.    za-e nam-dijir-zu a-ba e-da-sa2
257.    jarza-zu-ce3 a-ba-a mu-un-na-sig10-ge
258.    an gal ki aj2-zu muc3-am3-zu he2-eb-be2
259.    dijir gal-gal-e-ne ur5-zu he2-bi2-ib2-huj-[je26-ne]
260.    barag za-gin3 nam-nin-a tum2-ma TU-TU-zu X he2-X X X X
261.    ki-tuc nam-mah-zu tuc-a hu-mu-ra-ab-be2
262.    ki-nu2 kug-ga-zu ni2 /dub2-bu\ hu-mu-ra-ab-be2
263.    nam-X-zu ki dutu e3-a UN? cag4? [X] X si-il-[i]
264.    nam-mah-zu ci-im-pad3-pad3-de3-ne za-e nin ab-bi-me-en
265.    an den-lil2 an kilib3-ba-bi nam gal mu-ri-in-tar-re-ec
266.    nam-nin gu2-en-na ma-ra-an-cum2-mu-uc
267.    nin9 nin-e-ne nam nam-ma-tar-re nam-nin-a tum2-ma
268.    in-nin za-e mah-me-en za-e gur4-ra-me-en
269.    dinana za-e mah-me-en za-e gur4-ra-me-en
270.    nin-ju10 nam-mah-zu pa bi2-a-e3
271.    cag4-zu ki-bi ha-ma-gi4-gi4
272.    nij2 gal-gal-zu nij2 zag nu-sa2
273.    nam-mah-zu me-tec2 hu-mu-i-i
274.    ki-sikil dinana za3-mi2-zu dug3-ga-am3


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